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What teams can play in your league?

Eligibility for membership in the CD Elite shall be open to any 7U-12U baseball team in and around New York's Capital Region that belong to a sufficiently insured organization and/or chartered youth baseball league. All teams must have access to a home field to host games.

Do players need waivers to change teams?

Teams shall be allowed to roster no more than three (3) players from any one other member league within a single calendar year.

How will you address player recruitment?

Poaching is addressed and restricted in our Playing Rules, the Parent & Spectator Code of Conduct, The Coach & Volunteer Code of Conduct, and in our Organization Rules where we reserve the authority to audit an organization's player recruitment and other league activities to assess compliance with CD Elite rules and mission. Suspensions can be levied to the seriousness of the infraction, and we will review the eligibility of every organization on an on-going basis.

Can you add players throughout the season?

As a rule, no. Submit a waiver request if there is a unique situation and we will review if there is a competitive issue. We're not here to tell kids they can't play baseball, so I anticipate leniency. If you need to call up a player from a B-team to cover an absence, that's not a problem.

Do you allow plus players?

As a rule, plus players not allowed, however, teams may ask for a waiver if they have a unique situation that could impact their ability to participate. We will review each waiver request on a case-by-case basis. Teams will have to make a compelling case to get a waiver request approved. Our goal is to have all teams meet the May 1 age restriction.


When can we expect a schedule?

Early February

Will you prevent teams from scheduling games with teams outside of this league?


Can I book doubleheaders?

Yes. You can select particular Sunday game dates to look for a doubleheader.

Can my team play up?

Yes. You are able to specify wheather you want your team to play opponents above your Ability class and/or age group.

What if I want additional games beyond what was scheduled for me?

Coaches will have the ability to suppliment their schedule by requesting additional games in season.


Is you 7U Division Coach Pitch?

Yes. Teams will use 10 players defensively and bat in a continuous lineup.

What 8U-10U Rules do you play?

This is our junior division where teams play Little League adjacent rules on a 46'/60' diamond.

What 11U-12U Rules do you play?

This is our senior division where teams play MLB rules on a 50'/70' diamond.

League Structure

Will you force teams to move into or out of divisions based on their rankings?

No. Team placement will always be up to coaches and your league administrators.

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